Microchips: Your Pet’s Ticket Home

Did you know that nearly one in three pets will become lost during their lives? Even if you have a collar with ID tag on your pet, it can easily be lost or taken off. Not so with microchip implants, which are an incredibly simple and inexpensive way to find lost pets, keeping them out of animal shelters and getting them back where they belong.

Microchipping is a simple, relatively painless process that can be done while a pet is under anesthesia for another procedure or without anesthesia as part of a routine office exam. For your pet’s safety and your peace of mind, Blue Ridge Veterinary highly recommends having your pet microchipped—and we can do that for you at any time. Like most veterinary offices and shelters, we do have a microchip reader so if you find a pet or your pet is lost, the animal can be scanned for a chip and hopefully get home much sooner.

If you lose a pet, the first 24 hours is crucial. We recommend the following steps to increase the likelihood of your pet being returned to you:

  1. Get the word out and sweep the neighborhood. Inform all your neighbors that the pet is missing, and if possible, gather ones who are available to search. Make sure you have a current picture and tasty, high-value treats to help lure the pet.
  2. Alert the microchip company. Many times, people forget to update the contact information for their pet’s chip. When it is scanned, the company doesn’t have any way to get in touch with the actual owner.
  3. Make flyers. Use the most current clear picture(s) you have and post them everywhere. Include contact numbers and emails and any important information about the pet such as “do not chase” and “needs meds”. Click here for a flyer template you can use.
  4. Visit local vets, shelters, and animal control. Not only do you want to drop off a flyer, but most shelters and animal control maintain a list of lost and found pets. They also will usually not tell you over the phone if they have a pet matching your animal’s description, so you’ll need to visit in person—regularly—to find out.
  5. Work social media. These sites are powerful and can really help you get the word out fast. Try hyper-local sites like Nextdoor, and in addition to your own Facebook and Instagram pages, many cities and towns have lost dog pages you can post on as well. And don’t forget Craigslist—the site has specific Lost and Found listings where you can post and search for your pet.

If you have questions about microchipping or want to schedule an appointment to get your pet “chipped”, give us a call at 540-338-7387.