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Breeder Services at Blue Ridge Veterinary Services

We offer professional consultation for breeding small and large animals.

Call for specific information about International Canine Semen Bank of Virginia (ICSB of Virginia)! Breeders Welcome!

  • Pre-Breeding testing including OFA Hips and Elbows, Cardiac, Thyroid, Patellas, Dentition, Genetic DNA testing, Brucella canis testing
  • Fertility evaluation & treatment of the bitch and the stud dog
  • Semen Freezing with on-site storage
  • Fresh Chilled and Frozen semen shipment
  • Progesterone testing in-house and through Antech & Idexx labs
  • Fresh, Chilled or Frozen semen vaginal or Surgical Inseminations
  • Pyometra medical treatment therapy
  • Treatment for accidental breedings
  • Ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy
  • Radiograph puppy count
  • Telephone support & guidance during whelping
  • Fresh frozen plasma for compromised puppies
  • C-sections planned and Emergency
  • Neonatal health and puppy care