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Doggie Daycare Play Groups

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.” – Andrew A. Rooney

    Kaia is all smiles when there’s a tennis ball in front of her (and someone willing to throw it!).


🐶 Playtime With Staff: Velvet the black Lab mix, Lattie and T.T. the Border Collie mixes, Riley the Husky/Aussie mix, Schatze and Segen the Doberman Pinschers, Oreo the black Lab mix, Nellie the Bloodhound, Buster the Pit Bull mix and Shadow the Shepherd mix, Gunther the yellow Lab, Arlie the Field Spaniel mix, Devlin the Pointer/Pit Bull mix, Riley the Husky/Aussie mix, Zoe the Aussie mix, Sami the Boxer, D.Va the Pit Bull mix, Helo the Boxer and Kaia the Boston Terrier, King Cole and Maxine the Standard Poodle (walks only), McGee the Shepherd mix, Aragon and Quillan the Great Pyrenees, and Lance the Pit Bull mix and Roscoe, Penelope, and Bailey the Rottweilers!

🐶 Small Hangout: Sadie the Shih Tzu, Izzy the Boston Terrier, Ahri the Shiba Inu, Bailey and Crimson the Goldendoodles, Fin the Pit Bull mix puppy (first day!) , Harper the Mastiff/Cane Corso mix puppy, Lucy the Fox Terrier, Mesa the Border Collie puppy, Vira the Puli, Nettie the Weimaraner, Squirrel the Staffordshire Terrier, Dixie the Australian Cattle Dog, Loki the Corgi, Topaz the Hound mix, and Huck, Macie, Roxy, and Rowdy the Beagles!

🐶 Large Hangout: Isabelle the Great Dane, Whiskey the Lab/Cattle Dog mix (first day!), Soda the Beagle/Cattle Dog mix (first day!), Bandit and Odin the black Labs, Duke the Plothound, Rusty the yellow Lab mix, Buddi the Aussie/Rottie mix, and Perry, Brawny, and Buddy the Hound mixes!

🐶 Small Rowdy: Ebony the black Lab with Lu’s Labs, Koky the Husky/Rottie mix, Ginger the Beagle mix, Linus the Hound mix puppy, Squirrel the Staffordshire Terrier, Diamond the Pit Bull mix, Mocha the chocolate Lab, and Cooper the Greyhound!

🐶 Medium Rowdy: Tessa the yellow Lab mix, Lily the German Shepherd, Moon the Lab/Pit Bull mix, Squirrel the Staffordshire Terrier, and Cooper and Gus the German Shorthair Pointers!

🐶 Large Rowdy: Zeke the Weimaraner, Millie the Newfoundland, Squirrel the Staffordshire Terrier, Cal the black Lab, and Penelope and Bailey the Rottweilers!


Don’t see your fur-baby in any of our pictures today? Don’t worry! With so many cuties to play with, sometimes we can’t snap a picture of everybody. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to catch more photos of our crazy, fun-loving crew!