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Doggie Daycare Play Groups

We had more snow and more cozy, indoor play today! We’re ramping up for tomorrow’s Easter events and Mutt Madness competition, so shake the snow from your coats (both human and doggie) and come on over!


McGee and Sadie

Argos and Tessa



Our Wacky Wednesday Crew:

🐶 Playtime with Staff: Sally the Pit Bull mix from the Humane Society of Loudoun County, Hana the Siberian Husky, Zion the Doberman Pinscher, Nutmeg the Shepherd mix, Annie the black Lab/Pit Bull mix from the Humane Society of Loudoun County, Duke the Border Collie, and Wrigley the Siberian Husky!

🐶 Small Hangout: Hotchner the black Lab mix, Moxie the Spaniel mix, Jessie the Beagle/Terrier mix, Sadie the Border Collie mix, Scrappy the English Bulldog, McGee the Shepherd mix, Tippy the Miniature Schnauzer, and Samantha the American Cocker Spaniel!

🐶 Large Hangout: Koky the Rottie/Husky mix, Savannah the black Lab mix, Rusty the yellow Lab mix, Sprinkles the Goldendoodle, River the Hound mix, and Bella, Daisy, and George the yellow Labs!

🐶 Medium Rowdy: Tessa the yellow Lab mix and Argos the Labradoodle!


Don’t see your fur-baby in any of our pictures today? Don’t worry! With so many cuties to play with, sometimes we can’t snap a picture of everybody. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to catch more photos of our crazy, fun-loving crew!