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Doggie Daycare Play Groups

“Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you later.”

Did you know that we offer a feline-friendly version of daycare? Kitty play time consists of a one-on-one session between your cat and one of our daycare team members! Anything from playing with little toy mice, chasing a feather on a string, or even just some soothing cuddle time in the cat room.

Ziggy loves his kitty play time sessions!

🐶 Playtime with Staff: Tango H, Velvet C, W L, Monroe R, Norman T, Riley M, Schatze & Segen N, Bailey B, Buster P, Gunner H, Kona C, Mick H, Ivan S, Cooper F, Samson L, Annie with Humane Society of Loudoun County, and Sally with Humane Society of Loudoun County.

🐶 Small Hangout: Sadie C, Ahri B, Crimson S, Divot P, Dougal M, Delilah M, Molly K, Fritz K, Huck F, Loki P, Lily N, Linus W, McGee G, Milo S, Ozzie R, Roxy C, Rowdy C, Sonny Gi, Skip H, Shade S, Snoop G, Tatum S, Tippy S, Teddy M, Vira W, and Sofie H.

🐶 Large Hangout: Molly M, Juno D, Ike D, Calypso T, WinE D, BronzeN D, Perkins S, Duff P, Buddy R, Bandit G, Cooper A, Cooper Z, Georgia B, Isabelle R, Mae T, and Ray T.

🐶 Medium Rowdy: Koky S, Ginger R, Jasper B, Mia I, Scout B, Tut T, and Cooper B.

🐶 Medium Rowdy #2: Mason T, Georgia Mc, Guinevere T, Indy P, and Millie N.

🐶 Small Rowdy: Gus H, Lily S, Porter D, Zion B, Cal W, Toby M, and Poppy O.

🐶 Large Rowdy: Max R, Addie M, Duncan M, Sonny Gr, and Violet J.


Don’t see your fur-baby in any of our pictures today? Don’t worry! With so many cuties to play with, sometimes we can’t snap a picture of everybody. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to catch more photos of our crazy, fun-loving crew!