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Doggie Daycare Play Groups

Happy Friday! Will we get snow this weekend or not? Ahri thinks that if we roll over and play dead, it might just skip over us!

Ahri goofing off, as usual!


Our Fun-Loving Friday Crew:


🐶 Playtime with Staff: Rosie the Terrier/Pit Bull mix, Diesel the yellow Lab, Capone the German Shepherd, Kona the Cocker Spaniel mix, Sally the chocolate Lab mix, Ivan the wirehaired Jack Russell Terrier, Hunter the yellow Lab, Danny the black German Shepherd, Riley the Husky/Aussie mix, Velvet the black Lab mix, and W the yellow Lab!

🐶 Small Hangout #1: Sofie the Boxer puppy, Nana and Chico the Minature Schnauzers, Bling the Yorkshire Terrier, Brody the Shetland Sheepdog, Rocko the English Bulldog puppy (FIRST DAY!), Reba the Bichon Frise, Izzy the Boston Terrier, Ahri the Shiba Inu, Duffy the Cavapoo, Harper the Labradoodle (FIRST DAY!), Loki the Corgi, Linus the Hound puppy, McGee the Shepherd mix, Milo the Mini Aussie, Topaz and Divot the Hound mixes, Vira the Puli, Tatum the Beagle mix, Niki the Morkie, Newton the Havapoo puppy (FIRST DAY!), Shade the Dachshund/Rat Terrier mix, Sonny the Cavachon, Ace the Hound mix puppy, and Diesel (FIRST DAY!), Huck, Roxy, and Rowdy the Beagles!

🐶 Large Hangout: Tilly the Boxer, Duff the Shepherd mix, Mable the Catahoula, Bandit the black Lab, Gabby the Golden Retriever, Isabelle the Great Dane, Rocco the English Bulldog, Sheila the Australian Shepherd, Sierra the Hound mix, Teagan the Belgian Tervuren, and Pepper the Aussie mix!

🐶 Small Rowdy #1: Schatze and Segen the Doberman Pinschers, Buddy the Hound mix, Mocha the chocolate Lab, Logan the Aussie mix, and Scout the Border Collie!

🐶 Small Rowdy #2: Tucker the yellow Lab, Piper the Rottweiler, Moon the Lab/Pit Bull mix, Teddy the Belgian Malanois mix, and Rogue the English Mastiff!

🐶 Medium Rowdy: Meru the yellow Lab, Dakota the Hound/Shepherd mix, Riley the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cal the black Lab, and Lotus, Maite, Holly, and Morelli the Hound mixes!

🐶 Large Rowdy: Violet the black Lab mix, Addie the Golden Retriever, Sonny the black Lab, Cricket the Swiss Mountain Dog, Sevie the chocolate Lab,and Max and Piper the Rottweilers!


Don’t see your fur-baby in any of our pictures today? Don’t worry! With so many cuties to play with, sometimes we can’t snap a picture of everybody. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to catch more photos of our crazy, fun-loving crew!