Blood Bank Staff

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Jocelyn Pratt Jocelyn Pratt

Blood Bank Manager
Jocelyn Pratt has been overseeing the BRVBB since early 2012, having started with the blood bank in early 2011 as BRVA acquired it. Always around to lend a helping hand, she has been with Blue Ridge Vets since 2006 as a receptionist leading into her management roles shortly there after. Although she is allergic to animals, she is very passionate about her job. She is committed to helping our home hospital here at BRVA and hospitals across the country acquire and maximize the life saving blood products provided by our canine volunteer blood donors. You may laugh but she considers herself a styrofoam cooler connoisseur as these are needed to keep the blood products at optimum temperature during shipping. She lives in beautiful historic Harpers Ferry, WV with her family and little chihuahua named Roo.

Jamie Sine

Donor Coordinator
Jamie is the Donor Coordinator for the Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank.






brvbb-chrisanddr-latchfordChris Oldt and Valerie Latchford, DVM

Donor Care Handler
Chris is the Donor Care Handler for the Blue Ridge Veterinary Blood Bank.

Blood Bank Doctor and Phlebotomist
Dr. Latchford is the Blood Bank DVM and Phlebotomist.