Written by: Sammi Scardino

Who says Mother’s Day is just for Moms who have kids of the people variety? Here are a few fun ways to celebrate the holiday for all of our Fur Moms out there (scales, feathers, and others as well)!

1. Wine Tasting

A lot of vineyards have fun events where you can bring your dog to a wine tasting! (Even breweries if beer is more your thing.)

2. Dinner

This could be either a fun night in or a fun night out! Cook up a nice meal for you and your pet and enjoy a nice personal dinner indoors. OR! Find a pet friendly restaurant that has outdoor seating and let professionals cook you both a nice meal!

3. Go on a hike and/or have a picnic!

If you enjoy that outdoor lifestyle then this may be the best option for you! Go on a fun hike with your pup, and when you’ve found the perfect spot; set up your picnic and admire nature!

4. Cuddle your fur baby!

If being active isn’t what you had in mind for Mother’s Day then maybe relaxing is more of what you’re looking for! Gather up your pet in your arms and savor the cuddles!

5. Arts and Crafts!

This is a great option for the crafty mom! Make some nice keepsakes to remember this holiday! Do some finger and paw painting with your pet! Or bake some pet friendly treats that you can both enjoy! Or have your dog sniff out their favorite flowers and make a bouquet out of their choices! The options are endless!

6. Go for a walk!

So maybe hiking is a little too intense for you but you still want to be out and about. Walking with your dog (or even cat or rabbit if they’re trained!) can be such a therapeutic activity!

7. Movie Night!

Dim those lights! Pop that popcorn! And cuddle up next to your fur baby and enjoy a great movie! (Extra points if the movie has some relation with your pet!)

8. Yoga!

Perfect that downward dog! A lot of yoga studios offer events where you can participate in a yoga class with your dog or cat. Find your zen with your pet!

9. Go on a river or beach trip!

Need to get away for Mother’s Day? Pack up your pup and head to the river or beach! Get your tan on and have fun swimming with your loved one.

10. Doggie Daycare!

And last, but not least, take your pup to doggie daycare! You’ll give them a day of fun while you can go out and pamper yourself! And when you come back to pick them up from a day of fun take home a beautiful flower from Blue Ridge! From us to you to show you how much we appreciate ALL moms!


Inspired by any of our ideas? Let us know how you spent your Mother’s Day and send us any photos! We’d love to hear that you had a great holiday this Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!